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Baseball Print Slip-on Bandana

I love the Baseball Print Slip-on Bandana. I originally purchased this print for Sam to wear to weekend softball games. He has received so many compliments! It’s not only easy to use and comfortable for my dog - but also great quality.

Emily S.

Highly recommend!!!

The owner is super nice and friendly
which makes the experience purchasing something from them more thoughtful to me! The material is very good quality and my fur baby looks oh so cute with it on. Can’t wait to purchase more!

Stephanie Brabank

Bought matching bandanas for my dogs. One has a 19" neck so I sized up to a L/XL but I think next time I'll try the Medium. Quality is great,
fabric is thick. I got mine personalized and they've already received so many compliments. My dogs don't even notice them but these bring me so much joy! My dogs have been wearing them daily and I washed once and the bandanas have been holding up great.

Carolanne Fernandez

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10/10 Recommend!!

We LOVE Nacho’s new bandana! It is so easy to put on and take off and the fabric is such good quality! We just got a foster pup and I will definitely be ordering her a bandana from you in the future! Also, thank you so much again for being so flexible with changing Nacho’s size!

Ann Stachnik

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